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Shopping and Consuming and being a cheapskate

April 16, 2011

Its been a while since I blogged and instead of waiting till I feel I have something clever to say, I’m just going to release myself into posting the random thoughts on my mind.

I just got back from a shopping trip to the local mall looking for a new hat for my little boy whose life seems one long growth spurt.

I hadn’t been mall shopping in a really long time and what was different this time is that I didn’t feel like looking. The usual stores didn’t hold their appeal and I walked by uninterested.

Now this could be because shopping is difficult with a toddler whose main interest is riding the escalators and elevators over and over again 🙂

The main reason,  however, I think is because a few months ago we disconnected our cable service and inherited a Roku Box from my friends.  Because we now watch online tv we have been able to avoid commercials almost entirely.  And it feels like a commercial free life is also one with limited consumption.

Commercials create and feed a desire to buy stuff and by avoiding them, I simply don’t have this hunger to own the biggest and best.  I find myself interested in functionality and willing to pay a bit more to buy one high quality thing that will last me a long time.

Hmmm. Except for shoes.  I can’t get myself to spend more than $20 on shoes so the Payless clearance is still on my list of stops.  But even there its been more than a 6 months since I’ve made a stop.  The cobblers in Kenya who re-sole my worn shoes for $4 a pair keep me happily marching in imitation leather.

Ah the joys of the cheapskate life.

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  1. Robin Johnson Simpson permalink
    April 30, 2011 3:54 PM

    I love this! It’s amazing how much of an impact advertising really does have.

    On the back of this month’s Sunset magazine was an Amtrak ad. I showed it to my husband and told him that we had to get on the ball and take a train trip with our kids before we’re out of the window. If you’ve seen the ad, you’ll know that I played right into their hands. Sigh. I don’t want advertising to impact me, but it’s really hard to get away from it.

    I’m glad to hear that Roku is serving you well! Miss you!

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