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A Political Science analysis of Kenya’s new constitution

September 8, 2010
I’m really excited to don my more conventional Political Scientist hat and presenting a public lecture and community discussion and analysis of Kenya’s new constitution and its potential implications for politics and democracy across the continent.  Many thanks to the Priority Africa Network for organizing the event!
kenyan new constitution promulgation ceremony
Image by ActionPixs (Maruko) via Flickr

Priority Africa Network invites you to

A community dialogue on the new constitution in Kenya and what it means for the larger African Continent
Wednesday, September 22nd
6:30 pm
Speaker: Dr. Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg, Asst. Prof of Politics, University of San Francisco,

Introduction: Nunu Kidane, Priority Africa Network
Venue: Shashamane Bar & Grill, 2507 Broadway, Oakland, CA

There is food and drinks to buy but no cover charge; please come early and join us for lively informal discussions.

What does the recent adoption of a new constitution in Kenya mean for the rest of Africa?  While the violence that marked the 2007 Kenyan elections
were widely portrayed an example of typical African ethnic barbarism, for some the new constitution and the process that led to its ratification represents
an argument to the opposite.  How can we understand the substance and context of this recently adopted document?  Is the new constitution robust
enough to reconstruct Kenyan society in more equitable ways or does it merely redistribute the poverty of the masses?
kenyan new constitution promulgation ceremony
Image by ActionPixs (Maruko) via Flickr
Dr. Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg is an assistant professor in the Politics department at the University of San Francisco.  Her research and teaching  interests center on issues of
democratization, political economy, Philanthropy and international development,  gender, ethnic politics, and human rights.   One of her current research projects looks at
challenges to meaningful philanthropy towards Africa.

RSVPs requested, email or call (510) 663-2255.

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