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Motherhood and Work

August 8, 2010

Its all been talked about before but I can’t help but feel how hard it is to balance family life and work.  Everything seems to want to tear me away from my commitments to my family and especially to being a ‘present’ mother.

And its wierd but although America is called the ‘land of opportunity’ Kenya feels like it has lots more opportunities for me and my husband right now.

Everything here (in Kenya) is changing.   Everything here is open for innovation in a way that doors are not open in the U.S.  There are many gaps to be filled and not enough people filling them.  Everywhere I turn there is an opportunity for work I could do.  Work my hubby could do, and support my young son could use.

But then I’m always happy wherever I am at the moment.  And I know that as soon as I’m back in the San Francisco Bay Area I’ll be back to being thrilled with my life there.  I’m particularly excited for my garden and the veggies that should be ready for picking as soon as I land.

And I’m excited for classes to start up.  I’ll be teaching intro to Comparative Politics (I think I’ll focus on constitutions being that Kenya just passed a new one!) as well as a class on the politics of international aid and development (I’m picking up lots of raw materials while here!)

But a part of me is still sad for the unrealized opportunities that I’ll leave behind when I get on that Emirates Airlines Flight back to the Northern Hemisphere

(by the way, Emirates Airlines is the best airline if you’ve got to fly long haul with a young child!!

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  1. Jen permalink
    August 8, 2010 9:51 PM

    Well, I can definitely say I’m with you on the work-life balance problem. I love my job, I love my child, but it’s seeming harder and harder to be able to do both at once! All I can think is that it will perhaps get better when the kids are older…maybe??? Anyway, what could be cooler and more inspiring for a child than to have a mom who inspires others to be better and sees an opportunity for change and TAKES IT.

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