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Postcards from the road

June 5, 2010

Last week I had a fantastic time at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Rio de Janeiro where I was honored to address the Forum about the work of the non-profit that I founded and continue to run.UN Alliance of Civilizations: winners of the Market Place of Ideas competition

Along with the other winners of the Maketplace of Ideas competition, I was thrilled for the opportunity to meet potential funders for the project.  After five years of toiling under funders’ radar its been fantastic to receive international recognition for our work.  And the United Nations at that!!

I’m currently in New York after the just concluded Personal Democracy Forum where it has been two packed days of trying to sip from the firehose of incredible knowledge about tech stuff.  I’m still trying to process it all .

I’ve also got to meet some of my online heroes in person.  Faves have included Allison Jones, Farai Chideya, Craig Newmark,  and Ethan Zuckerman and of course reconnecting with Ory Okolloh who, along with Ethan, took  the stage to talk about technology and its impact on democratization.

Here again I was honored to get to meet my fellow Google Fellows who are all doing impressive things at the intersection of technology and politics.

I return to San Francisco on Sunday in time to address the Grantmakers without Borders tenth annual conference on Monday afternoon.  I’m excited to be in a room with philanthropists committed to more just and fair ways of funding social activism.  I will specifically be  speaking on a panel about how grantmakers can make sure that grants they make in Africa promotes gender equality.

Again I’m so honored to have been asked and I can’t wait to participate in the conversation!

After three huge conferences back to back I’m going to be looking forward to some downtime with my family and time to follow up on all my wonderful new friends who must be wondering why the heck i’m not responding to emails 🙂

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  1. June 6, 2010 10:29 AM

    “I will specifically be speaking on a panel about how grantmakers can make sure that grants they make in Africa promotes gender equality.” If there’s a link where one can have a record of your presentation, please post it.

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