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I Call further BS on Good Vibrations!

April 12, 2010

Wow, Good Vibrations keeps digging a bigger hole with every move.  This morning they wrote to me and other critics:we donated vibrators and body care products for post-surgical care to the women undergoing surgeries at the clinic in Trinidad. Colorado, because our colleague Betty Dodson requested that we do so. We have not partnered with Clitoraid beyond this, nor do we have plans to do so.

But just a wee little bit of digging pulls up a press release they made on  March 24th this year declaring

This Summer, Good Vibrations’ customers can give the gift of pleasure to women around the world who suffered female genital mutilation (FGM) during childhood. They can do this by making a financial gift to Clitoraid at the time of their Good Vibrations purchase. (for full text see here:

Oh, and Clitoraid seems not to have gotten the memo that Good Vibrations is not supporting them either!

Good Vibrations, if you’re listening allow me to suggest that publicly denouncing Clitoraid and making a public show of support for any of the African led organizations working on this issue is going to be a much better strategy than trying to dodge this and hoping nobody notices.  Its only a matter of time before the national media picks this story up I think….But then again, what do I know,  I’m just an African woman.  And as you’ve clearly shown, those voices don’t carry any weight for you.
Please sign the Petition urging Good Vibrations to cease their support of Clitoraid here:

Write to Good Vibrations urging them to cease their support of Clitoraid for their humiliation of African women!
Send emails to:,, and

Call Good Vibrations and communicate your concern about their support of Clitoraid’s African women’s clitoris adoptions: Camilla Lombard, Events and Publicity Manager: (415) 974-8985 ext. 201

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  1. Jonquil permalink
    April 13, 2010 1:27 PM

    Thank you for all your work on this. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed and will be listening to what you have to say about philanthropy.

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